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AIX and iFixes for OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability
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These things happen - and depending on your situation they may need fixing fast. That is what an iFix is for - and for the HeartBleed Vulnerability IBM has released an iFix for AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1.

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Latest Java Updates for AIX
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13 December, 2013 : Updated 07 April 2014

JAVA4|5|6|7 for AIX

Maybe you are keeping up with AIX updates, maybe not. Are you aware that AIX service packs (SP) and TL (Technology Levels) do not have the latest SR (Service Release) or SR-SP (Service Release Service Pack) included? I know I did not - for way too long. And knowing this for quite awhile, but still not acting on it often enough I decided to try and keep better track of the latest Java updates for AIX. For the whole history you can look at the IBM site (see link below) - for myself, I am only interested in what I can use today.

POWER7 - Latest Firmware Releases
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Verified: April 1, 2014 - no jokes here!

Latest updates are up to FW730_122 (documentation updates); FW780_050 (HIPER!); FW_740_121 (Documentation)

Note: The date column is the date of the RPM file (aka firmware), not the latest date of the XML and/or HTML files
AIX LifeCycle Announcement - changes effective 31-Oct-2014
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25 February 2014 - IBM made a new announcement regarding TL/SP lifecycle support of AIX. The key point is that AIX 6.1 TL7 and AIX 7.1 TL1 reach end-of-support effective 31-October-2014. The basic support policy for AIX is that they are supported "for the life" of the release. One a TL level reaches "end of life (EOL)" an update to a newer TL may be required in order top receive a fix or ifix.

To check your current AIX level run "oslevel -s". To verify this oslevel, as well as see the history of probable TL/SP updates use: "lslpp -h bos.rte.install"

Is Linux Linux?
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Linux is Linux - so they say.

People say that Linux is Linux - implying that Linux within itself is more UNIX than UNIX is. I am tending to disagree.
I have been active on various UNIX flavors since 1979 with the focus on AIX flavor since 1996.
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