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updating to 7100-03
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I finally got around to updating my nim server to 7103 (aka 7100-03). The DVDs I had to work with are the ones that came out last year.

There are two sets of DVDs: one that is just AIX 7.1, (7103_dvd1 -> LK4T_1710_07_VOL_1 & 7103_dvd2 -> LK4T_1710_07_VOL_2) and one that is the update package (7103_upd_dvd1 -> LCD8_1512_06_VOL_1 & 7103_upd_dvd2 -> LCD8_1512_06_VOL_2). As you can see from the LCD numbers both sets are two dvd's large.

If you are going to try to order one or the other from IBM the key numbers are LCD8_1512 (AIX 7.1 update) and LK4T_1710 (AIX 7.1 base). The additional numbers _06 and _07 respectively are the number of updates published - just like other IBM publications.

Update: MUST also update using update DVDs or ssh dies!

latest bash for AIX
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Latest BASH 4.2 and 4.3

Bash versions patched for AIX 5.3 TL7 and later

No new patches since 5 October

Patch 30 in bash-4.3.30
Patch 53 in bash-4.2.53

New hardware and FallDown(time)
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In case you notice - these days I am offline occainsionally.

My budget is limited, but I really wanted to be able to play with DFP and also have more virtual machines, boot from iSCSI and other excuses for buying a new, though refurbished, system. Image and

From the bash-bug forums
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Curious which patch belongs to which CVE report? So were others. The one you really want to be sure you have is patch 27 (for version 4.3). I'll have to do some homework for bash 4.2 but I expect it will be patch 48 or patch 49.

FYI: a new patch cam out yesterday (4.3.29, 4.2.52, ... version 2.0.5b.12). Not built yet (porting server needs a hw fix).

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AIX perl repackaged

IBM's packaging of perl for AIX has remained "behind", for a nice word. However, as dated as they are I would not recommend overwriting the supported version because many IBM AIX tools (e.g., dsh) depend on these versions - read are only supported when using these versions.

To help with other things that need a more recent version that the 'default' for AIX: perl 5.8.2 (AIX 5.3), perl 5.8.8 (AIX 6.1) or even perl 5.10.1 (AIX 7.1). I have packaged, as AIXTOOLS, all released versions of perl starting with perl v5.10.1 - so you can have to same version regardless of your version of AIX.

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