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2612-022 A session could not be established with the RMC daemon on "local_node"
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Problem with RMC communication

If you ever get ths message

# lsrsrc
/usr/sbin/rsct/bin/lsrsrcdef-api: 2612-022 A session could not be established with the RMC daemon on "local_node".

- the first thing to check is whether rsct.basic.rte is installed. If not, you are missing the programs needed to get lsrsrc working. When this is installed the floowing filesets will also be installed: rsct.compat.clients.rte and rsct.compat.basic.rte


# installp -d <lpp_files_directory> -acgX rsct.basic.rte

HOWTO: Repair a NIM lppsource
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HOWTO: Repair a NIM lppsource

The point in time is to start working more with AIX 7.1 and TL3 - and the DVD images I have are buggy!

If you go back to my earlier blog when I updated my nim server to AIX 7.1 TL3 - and the surprises I encountered - you can see that not all is well with the original DVD images (which actually I ripped myself from DVD's - the images you can download when you have a SUMA license are probably different).

Today I am setting up a new NIM server with a fresh install of AIX 7.1 TL3 - and it did not install exactly as I wanted. Read on to see I repaired the LPP source to get it to install properly.

TLS padding vulnerability affects IBM HTTP Server (CVE-2014-8730)
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Security Bulletin

TLS padding vulnerability affects IBM HTTP Server (CVE-2014-8730)


Transport Layer Security (TLS) padding vulnerability via a POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) like attack affects IBM HTTP Server.

Workarounds and Mitigations

For all versions and releases of Apache based IBM HTTP server, IBM recommends enabling strict CBC padding enforcement. Add the following directive to the httpd.conf file to disable SSLv3 and SSLv2 for each context that contains "SSLEnable":

# Enable strict CBC padding
SSLAttributeSet 471 1
AIXTOOLS: perl64
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64-bit Perl for AIX

Today I packaged 64-bit versions of perl for AIX. Versions aixtools.perl64.5.14.4 and aixtools.perl64.5.20.1. With perl for AIX I am not overwriting AIX perl - because there are probably dependancies that AIX perl programs depend on. Instead, the programs are located at /opt/perl64/bin. The 32-bit versions install to /opt/perl5/bin. The other versions? I'll get around to the others fairly soon, but I want to get rrdtool finished first (Now that I finally have the latest of glib from GNOME finished up.

Installation instructions

Normal install procedure (command line or smit) and either set your PATH variable to the directory - or setup some symbolic links to /opt/bin.

AIX and VIOS TL/SP Roadmaps 2014
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Where we are in pictures

You know the saying - a picture is 1000 words. Well here it is - in pictures - where we should/could be for AIX 6.1, AIX 7.1 and VIOS levels as of October and November 2014. Pictures courtesy of IBM Fix Central.

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